London Wing Chun news: Kevin Chan Awarded BJJ Black belt

Sifu Kevin Chan- founder of the Kamon Martial Arts Federation was recently awarded a Black Belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

Kevin Chan In a ceremony held at the Roger Gracie Academy, London, Kevin Chan was awarded his Black Belt by Mauricao Gomes.

Kevin joins Jude Samuel, Marc Walder and Rick Young as the only UK students to receive Black Belts from 8 times World Champion, Mauricao (Who is also Roger Gracie's father).

It is believed that Kevin Chan is the only Wing Chun master to also have been awarded a Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt.

After recieving his Black Belt, Kevin Chan commented:

"I was told I must attend training this Saturday. When I saw everyone was there I thought "This is going to be a hard session". But then I was surprised to be awarded my Black Belt."

Brazilian Ju-Jitsu has attracted significant interest following the growth of mixed martial arts sporting events such as the Ultimate Fighting Championships where it has proved highly effective. To date, many Wing Chun schools do not teach defensive or offensive applications of groundfighting techniques, and instead focus on standing combat. The Kamon Wing Chun Federation- one of London's largest and most popular Wing Chun training academies, openly states that it is dedicated to 'elevat(ing) Wing Chun to its next evolutionary level'. For some traditional Wing Chun practitioners, the integration of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu into the Kamon training system is a controversial step.

For the record, having investigated Brazilian Ju-Jitsu for itself (see article here), London Wing Chun thoroughly endorses Sifu Chan's integration of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, and applauds him on his achievements within the art.