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Master Leo Au Yeung

On this page you will find all the information you need about Master Leo Au Yeung including:

Master Leo Au Yeung's background and experience in Wing Chun

Master Leo Au Yeung Wooden DummyMaster Leo Au Yeung grew up in Hong Kong and moved to the UK in 1997. Master Yeung started his Wing Chun training with Ip Chun in 1995, and after moving to the UK, returned to Hong Kong every year to train under Ip Chun. Since 2002 Master Yeung has trained under the supervision of Samuel Kowk. During this time Master Yeung has gained huge respect within the international Wing Chun community.

This culminated in Master Yeung being invited to be one of the fight choreographers on the Ip Man Movie set, working with legendary martial arts director Sammo Hung. Click here to read our interview with Master Leo Au Yeung about his work on Ip Man.

Whilst Master Leo is an expert in Wing Chun he has also trained in other Chinese martial arts such as Tai Chi, Chinese Kick Boxing and Hung Gar. Master Yeung now runs classes and teaches privately in the London area. For more information see below...

Master Yeung's Wing Chun Lineage :

Master Leo Au Yeung Ip ChunMaster Yeung started training in Wing Chun in 1995. His first Wing Chun teacher was Grandmaster Ip Chun. After two years training with Grandmaster Ip Chun, Master Yeung came to England to study but still went back to Hong Kong to train every summer. Whilst in Hong Kong, Master Yeung trained 6-7 days a week attending all of Grandmaster Ip Chun's morning and evening classes. As there were many foreign instructors and students in Hong Kong wishing to learn from Grandmaster Ip Chun, Master Yeung (who could speak fluent English) usually acted as as his translator.

Due to this, Master Yeung not only learnt Ip Chun's style of Wing Chun, but also how it should be taught to students. Master Yeung did this for a number of years until he started working in Preston England where he began training under Master Samuel Kwok on recommendation by Ip Chun.

Master Yeung began to train under Master Kwok for 5-6 days a week, after 3 years of intensive training with Master Kwok, he became one of Master kwok's top students and chief instructor in the London area. Today Master Yeung still assists Master Kwok with seminars in different countries and he still goes back to Hong Kong to train with Grand Master Ip Chun.

London Wing Chun Video: Master Yeung In Action

Master Yeung's Approach to Wing Chun Training :

Master Yeung: "Wing Chun is a unique and scientific form of martial arts. Wing Chun's speciality is in close contact combat, using quick punches with a tight defence, coordinated through agile stances for quick advancing."

London Wing Chun Video: Master Yeung Wing Chun Combat Demonstration

"The effectiveness of Wing Chun is achieved by well coordinated attacks with simultaneous defence and vice-versa, yet delivering the correct amount of energy, whilst maintaining flexibility and relaxation."

Master Leo Au Yeung Trapping Hands"Chi Sau is a sequence of techniques which develop responsiveness and positional movement. Chi Sau also trains students how to most efficiently overpower and restrain their opponents through the precise control of power and energy."

"Wing Chun training starts with three basic hand sequences namely:

"Sil Lim Tau" (little idea), "Chum Kiu" (bridge seeking arm), "Biu Gee" (thrusting fingers). Following these forms serious of students will learn the "Muk Yan Ghong" (wooden dummy), "Luk Dim Boom Gaun" (six & a half point pole) and finally "Bart Cham Dao" (eight cutting double knives)."

London Wing Chun Video: Master Yeung Street Demonstration

Master Leo Au Yeung Class Times and Locations:

Traditional Wing Chun Class - Mondays 20:10 to 22:10
We teach the traditional Ip Man Wing Chun System including - Authentic Hand forms, Wooden Dummy and Complete Syllabus from Beginner to Instructor Level.
Location: The Community Centre, Haydons Road (Off Merton High St), Wimbledon
SW19 1HL

Chinese Kick Boxing and Sparring Class - Wednesdays 20:00 to 21:30

The lesson will concentrate on the proper Chinese kick boxing techniques, e.g. punching, kicking, body condition, defections and sparing. You will able to learn self defence and keep fit at the same time.
Location: The Community Centre, Haydons Road (Off Merton High St), Wimbledon
SW19 1HL

Intensive Wing Chun Class – Saturdays 13:00 to 15:00

This class will mainly focus on Wing Chun principle, application, Cardiovascular and Sparing - We will concentrate on the fitness and body condition in the first hour. The second hour will focus on the traditional Ip Man Wing Chun System including - Authentic Hand forms, stick hand and fighting application.
Location: Thomas Wall Centre, 52 Benhill Avenue, SUTTON, SM1 4DP

Master Leo is also available for private tuition, seminars and instructor tuition. For details feel free to contact Master Leo directly.

0788 786 1450