London Wing Chun Teachers: Sifu Alan orr

Sifu Alan Orr 8th Degree Black Belt-
Master European Head of Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Assiocation

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Sifu Alan Orr's Wing Chun Lineage

Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun
Sifu Alan Orr

Alan Orr is a disciple, and UK representative of the internationally renowned Wing Chun Sifu Robert Chu. Sifu Alan Orr has travelled from the U.K to Los Angeles, to study both Wing Chun Kuen and Chinese medicine with Sifu Robert Chu many times. In turn Sifu Robert Chu has had the opportunity to impart the essence of his Wing Chun and the essentials of his methods of Chinese medicine and acupuncture to Sifu Alan Orr.

Sifu Chu holds Alan Orr in highest of regard and states- "I am honoured to have him as my U.K. representative to uphold our family's martial arts and medicine. I can think of no individual more capable to do such a task and shoulder such a responsibilty."

Sifu Alan Orr on Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun

"Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun is my teacher’s expression of his Wing Chun (Sifu Robert Chu), the way he sees it working. You see you have to understand the way my teacher thinks in order to understand this Wing Chun. Anything he has an interest in he will take it apart and work it out. He is a great problem solver. Many people will just learn something and pass it on without really testing the knowledge. He always thinks ‘out of the box’ as some would say. Therefore as his student I have become a better teacher myself. I make sure that when I teach I’ve understood the ideas that were taught by my teacher and I also understand that they must be tested for myself. We have all listened to people saying, ‘because this is what is told’ that they more or less make up answers. We have sounds concepts and principles which run true through the whole system. Understanding the use of structure is something the Chu Sau Lei system is known for, but there are so many levels to this concept and I hear people say they already know what structure is, but I have not seen anyone with a full understanding of it."

Sifu Alan Orr's Appreciation of Wing Chun and Teaching

"Wing Chun is an effective system even when it has what I call errors in it’s application. Therefore if you have someone who is quite tough they can make it work as a fighting art even under these conditions. But Wing Chun has much more to offer than just that. We have to put aside the idea of who is the best fighter and what have you. Enjoy the system and the strengths it gives you without attachment to the trappings of hierarchy. Find out more about the workings of the art and learn to trust the art....

So many people are lazy nowadays and want something for nothing. You’ve got to do the work, find the right type of teacher, who can bring out the best in you, but also guide you past the pitfalls. I’m very lucky to have a group of good students who train hard and understand where the training is taking them

Sifu Alan Orr's full martial arts credentials

Alan Orr has been involved in the martial arts since 1985, and whilst he specialises in Wing Chun Kuen, he has also trained in many weapon-based arts as well as ground fighting arts. A full list of Sifu Alan Orr's martial arts credentials follows:

Alan Orr is a renowned teacher who has been involved in the Health, Fitness and Martial Arts since 1985.He has trained with many of the leaders in their own fields. Alan has travelled the world to find and train with best Martial Art and Healing teachers in the world.

Health and Healing
Alan is an Acupuncturist who holds qualifications from the Bodyharmoics Centre, Renshu Collage, The Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing) and International Tung's Acupuncture Research Association. He has trained to Master Practitioner level in Tui- Na Chinese Massage and Manipulation Therapy with Maria Mercati the leading teacher of Tui Na in the UK. Alan also holds many other qualifications in areas such as Chinese Dietary Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques, Guan Fa Cupping, Gua Sha Scraping, Chinese Herbology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Yoga, many Qi Gong methods.

Alan has been a Holistic Personal Trainer for many years. He holds a Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition, qualifications in Exercise and Fitness Coach/Instructor ( YMCA), Certificate in Teaching Exercise (RSA), Teacher of Exercise to Music (RSA). Has trained in Combat Conditioning with functional training Guro Matt Furey. Was able to take in the essence of power training via powerhouse Tony C He continues to train under top fight trainer Eddy Millis in LA, who is one of the best trainers in the sport of MMA and kickboxing. Has been guided in many traditional training methods of the martial arts via Robert Chu Sifu and Guro Mark Wiley. Both our experts in their fields of Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine. Alan has trained in and continues to train in Kettlebells with the world-class athlete and fitness coach Steve Cotter. Steve draws from an extensive and diverse background as a champion athlete and cutting-edge trainer to develop the most complete strength and conditioning programmes today. Alan is also the Founder of Warrior Fighting Fitness Training Programmes.

He is the Founder of the Combat Arts Athletic Association

Alan is the Wing Chun Technical Editor a correspondent for Martial Arts Illustrated UK. He has written many articles and interviews for the magazine.

Alan provided: Health - Training - Security for the North American and Canada 2005 12 week Tour with Duran Duran

He is currently working on many projects including a PhD in Martial Arts Philosophy.

Sifu ALan Orr's Wing Chun Classes In London

Sifu ALan Orr's Wing Chun Classes In London:

Location: St. Marks Church Hall, Abercorn Place, Maida Vale

Day: Tuesday

Time: 7.30-9.30pm

Skills taught: Wing Chun, Integrated Eskrima and Grappling

Contact Sifu Alan Orr: +44 (0) 7958 908 196 (tel) or email

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Student Comments About Sifu Alan Orr's Wing Chun London Class

Having boxed for 10 years and experienced Aikido for a few years, about a year and a half ago I was looking for a Wing Chun class to go to, to see what this "Wing Chun" mystery was all about. Little did I know that the first class I walked into would lead me into a true friendship with such a compassionate, honest, open and awesome martial artist such as Alan Orr. Having seen many incredible fighters in my time, I can without doubt say that Sifu and the system and its principles he imparts on me are truly inspiring. Not only is he leading me on the path to being an extremely effective fighter, but equally has helped and continues to help lead me on a path to being a more mindful and positive person in every walk of my life. I feel like I have known him for as long as I can remember and I know I will know him for as long as I can imagine....

I wish to say that I intensely proud to have a teacher/friend of your calibre. .I have done martial arts for nigh on 20 years & I feel like a beginner all over again & that happens on most weeks. I never feel that I'm bored or running out of material to learn. Quite the opposite in fact. Just the focus on concepts as opposed to techniques has turned the way I learn around, & that is the real key. You become self-learning and the Guru mentality disappears; and much as we realise how much knowledge you have it is never lorded over us and we never have to beg for info and lose our own respect. To me that is very empowering and the mark of a true teacher. There is always more, a refinement of this a tuning of that. Also I feel the leaving of the ego at the door is very important. I was in a club before where at the end of each session you beat the hell out of each other and invariably someone came away either injured physically or mentally weakened because they weren't up to scratch. The club is mostly guys and to have a group of tough martial artists and still be able to express themselves as caring individuals speaks masses. Hopefully the martial world will begin to take on such approaches to people after all that is what it should truly be about, developing people and raising their esteem so that they can meet the world from a better space because their own internal world has become less diminished and has filled with the desire to be a better person. So a big thank you once again Al.