London Wing Chun: Top 10 martial arts movies of all time

Here is a definitive list of the top 10 Martial Arts Movies of all time as put together by the London Wing Chun editorial team. Click on any of the martial arts movie pictures for information on where to buy these films for the lowest price possible.

Number 8: Drunken Master

the drunken masterDrunken Master, directed by Yuen Woo Ping and starring Jackie Chan, is a delightful mixture of slapstick comedy and martial arts action.

Jackie Chan plays a young version of the legendary Kung fu master Wong Fei Hung who is sent by his father to train in drunken kung fu with an eternally intoxicated old drifter (played by Yuen Siu Tien). Chan and Tien make a superb double act which cements Drunken Master's position as a genuine kung fu classic.

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