London Wing Chun: Top 10 martial arts movies of all time

Here is a definitive list of the top 10 Martial Arts Movies of all time as put together by the London Wing Chun editorial team. Click on any of the martial arts movie pictures for information on where to buy these films for the lowest price possible.

Number 1: Fist Of Legend

Fist Of LegendFist of Legend, starring Jet Li, is a 1990's remake of the Bruce Lee classic Fist of Fury (also known as the Chinese Connection). Set in 1937, it picks up the story from where Fearless ends (even though Fearless was actually made after Fist of Legend). Li plays Chen Zhen, a student of Huo Yuanjia who returns to Shanghai to avenge his death.

The storyline packs a mean punch and the fight sequences in Fist of Legend are the best you will ever see period.

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