London Wing Chun: Top 10 martial arts movies of all time

Here is a definitive list of the top 10 Martial Arts Movies of all time as put together by the London Wing Chun editorial team. Click on any of the martial arts movie pictures for information on where to buy these films for the lowest price possible.

Number 5: Ong-Bak

ong bakOng-Bak, starring Tony Jaa, is a ground-breaking Muay Thai martial arts action movie. Although Ong-Bak's plot won't win any awards, it does feature some of the most incredible stunts, chase-sequences and fighting scenes ever captured on film. As a result of his spectacular performance, Tony Jaa has already been hailed as Muay Thai's answer to Bruce Lee and Jet Li. One note of warning, watching Ong-Bak will make you wish you trained in Muay Thai.


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