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Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun: The Science of In-Fighting

Wong Shun Leung is one of Ip Man's most famous and skilled students. Famous for his Wing Chun fighting abilities, he is celebrated for training Bruce Lee. The Science of In-Fighting is the only Wing Chun instructional DVD ever produced by Wong Shun Leung. It may look a little dated by today's polished martial arts DVD standards, but be assured this is authentic footage of a true master at work.

Wong Shun Leung is remembered by the Wing Chun community for his tough fighting spirit. Leung was notorious for competing in the 'Beimo' rooftop fights earning him the nickname of 'King of Talking with Hands'. It is believed that Wong Shun Leung fought in over 50 illegal rooftop fights against martial artists of all styles.

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